Learn How to Generate $ales from a Digital Experience from a PRO

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SO Digital is here to stay, what do you do?


Learn How to Generate $ales from a Digital Experience from a PRO

It’s true, Digital Tradeshows, Summit or Webinar can be profitable.  You too can reap the rewards, companies just like yours do it ALL the time, and I’ve helped them do it!

The story of Producing the Most Effective Tradeshow Ever!

Getting Started with ProMatDX

Building your ProMatDX Sponsor Showcase

ProMatDX Marketing Kit Review & ProMatDX Q&A


Successfully Marketing, Selling & Digitally Exhibiting During a Crisis

How Do We Capture a Non-Captive Audience

How to Optimize Your ProMatDX Exhibit

How to Successfully Execute a Product Demo

Driving Traffic and Engaging ProMatDX Attendees

How to Successfully Execute Your ProMatDX Digital Session

AI Attendee Matchmaking – How to Get the Most Out of GRIP

Meet The Emcee & Producer

Ralph Henderson

Ralph Henderson


I’m Ralph Henderson, President of OmniChannel Productions. I am a 1996 graduate of The Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech, and I have done production work for some of the biggest and best in the industry since my company’s inception in 2009. I started this company when I had an epiphany – I was only enjoying about 20% of what I was doing at my place of employment, not to mention that it was those efforts that were proving to be the most effective for my clients. I then had that light bulb moment where I realized I could be doing just that 20% for a multitude of clients, instead of the full 100% for just a select few, and it would be a win-win for my enjoyment and the companies that would benefit from the best of the best.