Hybrid Tradeshows, Summits and Webinars are the next "norm"!

You didn’t get enough business from the show…

What happened?

You’ve got a great message, marketing group, good product and services; but who’s driving your Business development plan?  

  • Is it marketing? 
  • Is it sales?
  • Who’s following up with your Tradeshow leads/prospects?
  • Do you even have a CAPS plan?
  • Where’s PROMOTION in all of this?



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Ralph Henderson helped us understand how sales, marketing, and business development all come together at a Tradeshow. (A show that happened at the beginning of the Pandemic in March of 2020). Ralph worked with the Leadership Team and helped us realize a return on our time, money, and effort investment by really focusing on who we really wanted to engage with at the show. At the same time Ralph worked with our Marketing Area to put together a message and communication that was on target for the opportunities we wanted to pursue. Bottom line, best show we’ve done and it wasn’t because we changed a lot, it was because Ralph helped us use what we already had in a really impactful way.

President, CCS 

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